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Bienvenue sur Rencontres Musicales de Figeac │Autour des Cordes Festival

2016, 19 ans de Festival Autour des cordes !  6th > 20th August 2016
Experience Autour des Cordes,
the music festival in its 19th year
Autour des Cordes (6th-20th August) offers a series of convivial musical evenings staged in the villages around Figeac, with a programme of concerts designed to appeal to the most demanding of music lovers. Something more than a course for musicians, or even than a so-called classical music festival, it is an opportunity to share in the passion of the musicians, within a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Courses and master classes for Violin, Viola, Cello, Piano, Chamber Music and ‘Strings for children’.

Concerts in castles and churches in and around Figeac : orchestral, choral, chamber music and solo recitals...

The handful of well-known festivals which now bestow prestige on their towns of origin have built their well-deserved success on a foundation of solid hard work.

The Rencontres Musicales are based on the following principles :
  • emphasis on practical musicianship, especially for strings
  • celebration of the richness of public and private architecture of Figeac and the surrounding area


The local and European dimensions of the festival, key elements which year after year, come together to create the synergy which contributes to its ever-increasing success.

2014 in figures :
  • 17th Festival “Autour des cordes”
  • 13 performances
  • An audience of 2 500
  • More than 100 participants (intrumentalists and singers)
  • A 2 weeks festival in Figeac and surroundings
  • 5 countries involved



Les Rencontres Musicales de Figeac
Association selon la loi de 1901 déclarée le 12 décembre 2007 (J.O. du 22/12/2007)
licences d'entrepreneur de spectacles n° 2-1055555 et 3-1055556

Festival Autour des Cordes 2016
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